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According to the experts from locksmith Coburg when moving into a new home or apartment, you need to change the locks and keys of its entry access as soon as possible.

You may not know that somebody might have still the keys to the entry door at the time you have moved in.

That’s the common risks whenever a new homeowner occupies the place.

The Advantage of Rekeying – Locksmith Coburg

What is ‘rekeying’? It is the technique of changing the mechanical combination system within the lock.

The existing cylinder that is popularly called as ‘tumbler’, which contains the mechanical combination of the locking system within the lock will be removed and will be replaced by a new tumbler.

The mechanical locking combination could be customized by locksmith in your area.

The best advantage about tumbler customization is that it allows the new homeowner to have one key to all the locks installed on several entry doors of the new home.

This will save him from carrying too many keys, and the inconvenience of finding the right key to open the door.

Rekeying is a Cheaper Alternative

Rekeying is a very simple solution in changing the locks in your new home.

You do not need to pay for the total replacement of the lock, which, when done hurriedly, it could cause damage to the door itself.

You also need not to buy the whole set of lock, which could be very expensive.

The labor cost of replacing the entire lock set is much bigger than just simply changing the ‘tumbler’ of the lock set.

To secure right away your new home and your properties on the day you move in, have it inspected by your neighborhood security locksmith to make it more secure against break in and forcible entry.

You can call the locksmith Coburg and they will be there in a matter of hours.