Find A Locksmith In Footscray

For a total insurance coverage, you need to install deadlocks on the doors and windows of your home.

To have a reliable and professional installation, contact the locksmith Footscray.

Their professional team of locksmith will install deadlock and dead latches strategically in the possible forcible entry points in your home.

What is Deadlock – Locksmith Footscray

Deadlocks, deadbolts and deadlatches are the same thing and usually used interchangeably.

It is a locking device that only allows its opening by rotating the knob or handle of the locking system with the use of a key.

Unlike in the ordinary lock, which is its locking mechanism is held by a spring to remain locked, the deadlock system does not use any spring, but by moving the locking bolt from lock to unlock and vice versa.

Deadlock makes forcible entry more difficult or nearly impossible with the use of heavy tools and with brute force. Placing the deadlock inside your home and very visible outside is a very good deterrence against break-in.

Deadlock offers an additional security in your home as it cannot be opened without its right key, however, for your convenience, deadlocks installed inside your entire home could have a single key.

Varieties of Deadlock

Generally, there are two types of deadlock, the single barrel and the double barrels.

The obvious difference between the two, is that in single barrel, there is only one lock to open while in two barrels, there are two locks installed on a separate piece or parts of the window or door.

Two keys are needed to open a double barrel type of deadlock. It is quite an overkill and too risky when there is a fire inside the house.

For further information about deadlocks, feel free to contact your neighborhood locksmith Footscray. They are happy to serve you at your full satisfaction.

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